So many tips are being given on home selling. If only you knew where to begin! Some homeowners get confused because they don’t know what exactly will happen during the home selling process. While it may differ from various areas, some general steps sellers should expect are the same. Here are 5 top home selling tips:

Squeaky Clean

You really have to make sure that when you are ready to sell your home, you clean clean clean.. A house will not sell if it’s dirty or even messy. When you schedule an open house or schedule to get photos taken, please also schedule for a professional cleaning. It’s very cheap versus the return on the house.

Picture Perfect

Hire a professional photographer or Realtor to take pictures of your house. Another cheap cost compared to the return you make on the house. When you try to take photos yourself, they probably won’t come out how you thought they would, plus this is the first thing a buyer will see. Your home needs to be able to sell itself through the photos.

Market Value

Do a little bit of research before listing your house on free websites and other platforms. You don’t want to list for the wrong price, asking for too much.. Or too little. Find out the market value of your county, city, and neighborhood if possible. Use these price ranges to help you make an informed decision on your houses value.


Spend the money to advertise. Advertising helps you get better buyer results and helps you sell faster, if you know how to and where to spend those dollars. This is why using a Realtor can be an effective strategy. If you have used these first three home selling tips, then your ads will be amazing.

Discounted Realtors

There are Realtors out there that sell for less commissions. They do a lot of work to get your home sold faster. Realtors can get houses sold for up to 13% more money than a homeowner, that completely negates the effects of paying for a Realtor… So do it.

Contact A Realtor

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We hope these home selling tips can help you jumpstart your home selling process.
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